This Program is designed as a complete warm up for a junior netballer (under 14 years). There are four main components of the program with a large variety of exercises included in each section. It is not intended that every exercise is performed each time, rather multiple choices are given to provide variety, prevent boredom and enhance skill acquisition.

The KNEE Program needs to be completed at least twice a week for maximum effectiveness and must be continued for the effects to be maintained. Not only must the program be continued, but it must be done with correct technique to ensure risky movements are eliminated rather than reinforced.

Junior Manual

Junior Guide

Strength Perform all




Balance/Landing Perform 4 exercises in total

Single Leg Balance Activities

Jump and Land Technique

Double Leg Activities

Single Leg Activities

Repeated Effort

Agility Perform 4 exercises in total

Deceleration Technique

Anticipated Change of Direction

Follow On Step

Netball Plane